Why Not to Buy twitter likes for Your Business

Written by webmaster on December 24th, 2016

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The decision to buy twitter likes to increase the number of followers has been around for quite a while. The method is used by politicians and other popular persons who wish to appear to have a large following. For a celebrity the hype might sell but for a business you could be doing more damage to your business than a service. Some of the twitter followers sold by the sellers are often spam accounts or even knock off accounts that get deleted by twitter once they are discovered. They might be cheap but fake accounts will not do you any good.

As a business person looking to sell your brand via twitter you need to have followers who are interested in your brand and are part of your niche market or the target market you are looking to acquire. Buying followers only gives you a large number of followers who are not interested in what you are selling. If it is necessary for you to buy twitter likes make sure you find a legit seller who will find customized followers suitable for you.

It is quite easy to form an incredible network with how you use the platform.  Twitter likes is one of them where you can chose to let your voice be-heard among-st the many on the platform.  But interestingly you can use other functions like Retweet to build your growing network.  When you retweet it is important and worth noting that you indicate “RT” before hitting the send button.  This in essence is also another way of sharing useful information with others who might be on your network and not on the network of who send the tweet.  f1

How to use humor to increase your following

As you tweet it is also important noting that there are others doing the same thing.  Have you ever considered what would make you stand out and increase your Twitter likes?  There are over one hundred ways to do so, but one thing you need to do so to create attention is to be unique.  How do you do that?  Firstly, join a conversation that seems to interest you.  How you comment will make a difference and before you realize, you would have increased your likes.

Secondly, a sense of humor will take you along way.  If you create a hash tag, ensure that it is something people would easily identify with and would want to join.  If you want to increase your Twitter likes, then you need to keep your best foot forward.  Think while on the go and before you know it, you will realize that you are gaining a following.  This does not happen overnight but takes time and a lot of effort to do so.  Just not bog down your followers, be consistent and not overwhelming.

Are you new to twitter? How to effectively grow your network

If you are new to twitter, you will note that you are joining a network where others have already built a steady network that continues to grow, but in essence this should not worry you.  If you think back you will realize that even Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It took hard work and several years to be where it currently is. So it really does not matter where you start from, the difference will be how you start.  It is therefore important to create a goal of what you want or how many Twitter likes you intend to receive per day or per week.f2

This will help you increase your likes in a way that is comfortable.  You will also then be able appreciate the growing network of likes and or followers.   If you are a company it would therefore be prudent to keep count of the increase because it is the only way you will be able to know if you are making headway or not.  You can choose to effectively manage the number of Twitter likes you receive.

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