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Written by webmaster on June 14th, 2016

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When applying for automatic likes it is important to note that there are different packages.  The package you choose will depend on many things, firstly the number of likes you are seeking and secondly the cost.  If you want a large number of such likes you will have to spend a little more depending on your preference and package.  Know beforehand and do your research in advance to effectively benefit from the same.  The processing takes a very short time and you should not at all worry how long it will take before your likes start flowing in.f2

The good thing with these automatic likes is that each time you post a photo, a blog or something; they are the first to like it even before your regular followers get on the platform.  It is a great way to increase your following and remain relevant.  You should also get a company that release such gradually; the likes should not be released at once.  If that happens then there is a problem and other social medial platforms might find that a little overboard.  Let it be released in series to avoid banning your account.  That is not a very good experience of an online user.  Avoid that at all cost.

How Businesses Attract Automatic Favorites the easy way

How does your company handle twitter? Do automatic favorites and likes mean anything to your business? If you answered yes to both questions, then you are on the right track towards enhancing your company’s PR or boosting your sales department. However, if the favorites you receive per tweet are very few, there are certain things you are probably not getting right. The following are some of these mistakes, and what you should be instead doing to have the most favorited tweets.

Be Prompt with Replies and Mentions

People often don’t relate to a company’s twitter account like they do with individual persons. You may fail to reply to someone’s comment on your tweet for instance, but they’ll probably go ahead and favorite it anyway. The same thing can happen to a business, but you would probably receive more automatic favorites if you developed the habit of replying to people’s comments more often. On the other hand, people love being mentioned on twitter. And especially to a known business like yours, mentioning a few people who react to your tweets everyday could have a big impact on the number of likes and favorites you receive.f1

Make you Followers Feel Valued

Scientists explain that to feel valued is a basic human need. People love to know what brands they care about think about them. As a business therefore, showing concern by constantly tweeting thank you messages to your followers, replying to personal comments or even following people who have been promoting your products could go a long way in improving your relationship with your customers. Again, simple twitter about testimonials or updating people on policies you have changed due to public request can have a bigger impact in how they react to our tweets.

Limit your Sales Tweets

Frankly speaking, few people will favorite a sales tweet. Most people probably lookat the tweet once, ignore or react to it and continue scrolling on their feeds.  As such, your business doesn’t have to be strictly business minded, but should instead try to build conversations with followers.  In turn, an engaging conversations stirs people to like or favorite the tweet, because they felt satisfied by the experience they got with your tweet. But if you have to do some marketing at the end of the day, bring in the marketing bit once you have attracted people’s attention and proved that you can socialize as well.

Inspire People

You don’t have to be a public figure to inspire others. A small or big business can still inspire their followers with testimonials or stories that appear relevant to current situations. After all, the small gestures that you make on twitter are what define how people react to your tweets. Again, people don’t easily favorite tweets. They instead favorite only but a few tweets they loved the most and then like or retweet the rest. With such in mind, your goal as a business should be to inspire people to not only comment on your tweets, but to also favorite and share them as well.
















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