Convert Your Twitter Account to Earn Huge Passive Income

Written by webmaster on August 3rd, 2013

imagesThe Initial Steps: You’re going to be expected to meet specific requirements in order to get established on various social media platforms. It can be difficult to get through these initial stages to set up your own income generator, but there are some steps you can take to ensure your success. Read on to get important information on strategies to make this work for you.

Conversion and Income Generation: The Basics

Your Twitter account can start making money for you whenever you choose. However, if you’re going for a decent amount of income and want to make money on a regular basis, you’ll need to make sure you know a few things.

1. Be active! If you’re not logging in on a regular basis, not participating in conversations or you’re otherwise neglecting your account, you’re probably not going to make any money. Be a Twitter regular, learn the ropes and take advantage of the tools available to get new followers. You need to tweet regularly and can help your message spread further when you request or buy retweets. Being active and utilizing retweets is one of the most important things to keep in mind.

2. Cultivate your following. In order to make money with your Twitter account, you need to buy twitter followers who are much like yourself: active and engaged. It’s important to attract and keep this type of follower if you want to convert your Twitter account to a source of income.

3. Stay interesting. Once you’ve gained followers, you’ll need to interact with them on a regular basis to keep them engaged. This is best done through creative means. Post great photos, interesting news or other attractive items to entice your followers to retweet, thereby gaining you more followers as others are exposed to your message. This is the foundation of your income generator. Build it wisely!

Choose your campaigns carefully. Some sites like MyLikes and Chacha allow you to promote their products through your Twitter account. If you choose campaigns that are related to your usual content and that are interesting, you’ll get a better response from your followers.


Your Twitter account can earn virtually unlimited income. It takes time and effort build an account that is suitable for this pursuit, but if you request or buy twitter followers , engage in lively interaction with your followers and follow the other pointers here, you’ll be earning passive income through Twitter in no time.

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Making Connections that Count with Twitter and LinkedIn

Written by webmaster on August 3rd, 2013

imagesFrom organizing your social events and obligations to extending the reach of your blog, networking through social media is one of the best avenues you can take to get your message to larger audiences. Social media allows you to reach a far greater audience with a friendlier, more interactive voice. The downside is that since social media is so new, the marketing opportunities presented by it are also very new. There isn’t any “prevailing wisdom” on how to properly utilize and integrate social media advertising, simply because the medium has not been around long enough for such wisdom to be gained. It can be tough to target specific segments of the audience. Trying to establish connections with Arab Twitter followers, for example, may be both confusing and frustrating.

Taking the time to educate yourself about how to make the most of each social media platform will give you an edge in the long run. The best way to get a handle on social media marketing is to make the most of any time and effort you put into it. Trying new approaches often and evaluating what works best for your needs will make a big difference in your success. There are several different initial steps that can be taken, though, that will always be beneficial when you are looking to get instagram followers.

The most useful of the simple solutions is to connect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

To link your Facebook account to your Twitter account, follow these simple steps:

• At Facebook, log in to your account.
• Use the search bar to locate the Twitter application.
• Add it to your account.
• Allow the Twitter application to access your account.
• Enter your Twitter log-in information.
• Select the option that allows Twitter to update your status.
• Make sure you’ve made your settings correctly and then click “Allow”.

Associating your LinkedIn account is easy, too:

• Log in to your account.
• Click the Twitter icon located under “Share an Update”.
• Allow and authorize on the resultant pop-up window.
• Enter your Twitter log-in information.
• Select your preferred settings.
• Click “Save settings”.

When you do this, you’ll gain three times the production for your work. You won’t have to rehash everything on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. One post will do it all. And it might even help you find more of those Arab Twitter followers that you’ve been searching for!

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