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Written by webmaster on January 4th, 2018

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An online presence is a must for any business sector out to make a name?  How do you in essence reach the billions of customers to be with an idea of product if not on the media platform?  Have you ever though of the online presence and the impact social media platforms are making in the 21 century?  It has an incredible following that out do the largest numbers of following you have ever heard in many many years.  Not everyone might be interested in you posting but one thing is for sure, you will have reached a large number of people.  An automatic retweets feature is a great service for both businesses and individuals.

The good thing with being on the online platform is that most the social media accounts are free and do not cost money to open.  Unless you live in some very remove part of the world, where technology has never made an impact, nobody should ever charge you any amount of money to open a social media account.  Interestingly and over the last two or so years, in an African country, a county has to part with close to $100 when a screwed businessman purported to have charged them the same open a social media platform for their county.

Not only was it embarrassing but it was an eye-opener to the social media platforms how people were abusing the services that they offer absolutely freely.  Back to the basics, the automatic retweet services has also over the years made a great impact on its use overtime.  Twitter is a great platform for passing information and if anyone is considering raising money avenues, it is one platform that has made a great impact on the same simply through the retweet system.  When a person likes an article, they simply retweet it to their peers and this goes on and on.

Currently there are a million non profit ways to raise money online. This is an excellent way to reach your followers while at the same time allowing them to identify with your needs through giving.  A lot of money has been raised on the platforms that have gone along way to make a difference the world over.  Before the advent of technology it was just impossible to do, and since the advent of technology many people have benefited greatly.  Thanks to technology and its great benefits.

Lastly, the world over people have suffered silently or gone through catastrophes that without the social media platform would have take weeks to know in other parts of the world.  But the online platform makes it easier for users to share any useful information in its raw state and plead for funds when there is need.  So it is important to note that note everyone will share in your tweets and retweets but the impact it makes out there will go along way.  Starving nations have been saved because somebody let the world know the conditions on the ground through tweeting the same and having the same retweeted over and over again.  It is therefore important to note that the automatic retweet platform is still a great way to reach your followers.


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