Automatic Likes: When Will They Appear?

Written by webmaster on December 13th, 2015

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When it comes to working with a company in any aspect of social media, be it a content manager or the provider of your automatic likes, you need to understand clearly their role in the process. One of the best ways to assess this and ensure that they are staying on task in your project is to evaluate when they are going to do things for you. That means, you should have an end date on projects, know and understand when a measurable service has been provided, and be able to evaluate and see what they have done. Among the ways to do this is to establish or develop a timeline of services in order that you have a measurable outcome that you can see.

An automatic likes company, then, should ask you when you want the services provided to you and when you expect them to be accomplished. If they have an established way of doing things, however, you need to know and understand that you may be working on their schedule rather than your own. This is okay as they have processes in place that can help to deliver you the best product possible in a quality—not rushed—way. For that reason, though, you need to ask them upfront when you can expect to get the services and they should be able to provide this information to you with ease.

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